Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Andrew Logan – DIP PFS (CII)

Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning from Charted Insurance Institute (DIP PFS)

Certificate in Discretionary Investment Management

Certificate in Life and Pensions

The above qualifications are comprised of the following units:

Financial Planning Certificate

R01 – Financial Services, Regulation and Ethics

R02 – Investment principles and risk

J10 – Discretionary investment Management

J12 – Securities advice and dealing

If you have a dispute or complaint with a company, need some assistance in advancing your claim, but do not want to surrender a percentage of your financial reward with a Claims Management company - then my handyman services could be of benefit.  To assure you I have the correct tools in the bag and skills to take on the job, a potted history of my career to date is below.

After graduating from the London School of Economics in 1999 I gravitated towards the financial and legal services, having neither the confidence or drive to follow my heart (and advice of my tutors) into journalism or creative writing. I initially attained middle management positions in complaint resolution at the Financial Ombudsman Service and General Council of the Bar. These positions, with strong emphasis on succinctness and evidence based report writing, dragged me kicking and screaming from my natural tendency for alliteration and flowery prose! However, the skills and knowledge attained has reinforced the structure of my writing and added greater discipline and persuasiveness, which is handy in not only presenting complex (or even simple things) themes and arguments in an authoritative way, but also very useful in influencing the views and opinions of others.

As a 24 year old Adjudicator at the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), I embraced the ethos of neutrality and putting together my own investigations into allegations of financial detriment and or distress and inconvenience.  I worked in the Insurance, Banking and Investment units and adjudicated on everything from routine distress and inconvenience cases to complex mortgage and insurance disputes.  I even drafted numerous Final Decisions for various Banking Ombudsmen.  Seeing through the sometimes specious ruses of big companies and finding in favour of the customer, despite the reverence for neutrality, was a keenly felt privilege and ideal foothold in dispute resolution.

After a number of years at the Ombudsman I then progressed to a Complaints Executive at the Bar Standards Board, which is the complaint handling arm of the Bar Council.  My main role here was to oversee the planning and execution of complaints of inadequate professional service or professional misconduct against Barristers and QCs.  This often involved intricate and legally contentious information; dealing with Banks and insurance firms was a stroll in the park compared to Barristers and QCs (not to mention their aggrieved clients, who were often Category A Prisoners serving time at her Majesty’s pleasure).  Naturally, this position developed my knowledge of the law, and further finessed my Report writing and widened my investigation skills.  I would add that, at that time, I was the first member of the complaint handling unit not to have a law degree and/or have practiced law.  The cross-pollination across the legal and financial services is ideal experience in advancing your dispute or claim

 Following the Bar council, I spent a number of years as a Financial contractor.  This included 2 years as Quality Assurance Lead for the FOS Liaison unit of an Investment Bank.  So, in essence, my job was to jostle, contend and deliberate with the Financial Ombudsman Service.  I genuinely preferred the other side of the fence although the insight and knowledge gained from this has added to my tool kit! As a contractor, I also recently managed a Financial Detriment Review for a large Asset Management Firm.

Most Claims Management companies employ case-handlers with no professional financial qualifications who work with template letters and a standardised approach to accommodate limited experience.  A Claims Management company will also insist on an appreciable percentage of your financial award.  None of these bad features apply here. Instead, I offer greater expertise than claims management firms and for less money.  I won't take a percentage of any financial award and I charge a flat fee for advancing your initial claim or complaint which I will volunteer to refund if your award is less than my consultancy fee.  

My consultancy fee is between £10 to £150 - as some letters will require greater fact finding and investigation.  Once your letter is sent I will also offer advice and guidance on the progression of your claim/dispute (for free!).